Early Intervention Orthodontics

Pediatric dentists have specialized training in monitoring how your child’s mouth grows.  

Dr. Polly and Dr. Ursula will check how your child’s teeth bite together at each dental check-up. They will monitor the amount of room available for adult teeth to grow in and they will inform you if issues become apparent.  

Pediatric specialists can treat some mild orthodontic problems, like tooth crossbites or mild crowding.  More importantly, if there is concern about how your child’s teeth come together, they may refer you to your local orthodontic specialist for a consultation.  Orthodontists are the dental specialists that move teeth to the correct positions with braces and other dental appliances! Pediatric dentists work very closely with the orthodontist.

If there are steps that can be taken to make future orthodontic treatment faster and easier, or even help your child not need braces in the future, our dental specialists will discuss options with you!

This includes:

  • Anterior cross-bite corrections (with removable appliances and fixed appliances)
  • Posterior cross-bite correction
  • Space maintainers (when baby teeth are lost early)
  • Space regainers (if space loss has occurred)
  • Retainers (upper and lower)
  • Earlier tooth extraction (if more room is needed for adult teeth to grown in)
If you have further questions regarding early intervention orthodontics, please ask your doctor during your visit!